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Lund Faucett is an integrated public affairs and research consulting firm that develops and executes data-driven communications and outreach in the Pacific Northwest. We deliver deep insights, bold ideas and strategic engagement around high-profile, complex policy issues.

We advise clients on strategies to achieve their organizational, business, regulatory, and/or legislative goals. We facilitate and manage leadership groups and committees, analyze data and policy issues, conduct research, develop and implement communications plans, produce supporting materials and provide a variety of professional communications services. We’re particularly good at making complicated and technical information understandable to key audiences.

Lund Faucett’s public policy expertise combined with our in-house research and communications capabilities result in scientifically sound insights that help clients achieve their desired goals.

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Our Expertise

Lund Faucett advances our clients’ policy and business objectives through strategy, communications, research, advocacy and engagement support. Our clients are unique, just like us. We evaluate each client’s needs from a fresh perspective and customize our approach so it reflects your unique mission, needs and personality.

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Driving public policy requires smart strategies. Our strategic advice has helped pave the path to achieve business goals, advance public policy objectives and shape positive community change. We make sure our clients understand the political and civic environment and are fully equipped to effectively engage with confidence.

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When your work is complicated and nuanced, it can be challenging to effectively communicate with the public and stakeholders. Our team is skilled at distilling complex concepts and projects to make them understandable, compelling and believable. We provide strategic communications planning, reputation management, content development, materials production and distribution. We help clients use the right words, images, channels and networks to bring stories to life.

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Developing effective strategies and communications is much easier when you know what people are thinking, doing and believing. Our in-house research team uses research and analytics to drive successful communications strategies and materials. We work with public and private sector clients to design and conduct online, phone, mail and mixed mode surveys; traditional and online focus groups; social media listening; in-depth interviews, political and market landscape analyses; and customer experience studies.




Need help navigating the evolving, dynamic, complex public policy ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest? We help shape policies on behalf of and for jurisdictions. Building support for public policy decisions is dependent on meaningfully involving stakeholders early in a two-way process involving listening, collaboration and interaction with a goal of creating shared benefit. Lund Faucett has the relationships and expertise to work with leaders across jurisdictions and the political spectrum to help our clients navigate and shape common sense public policy through education, advocacy or mobilization.

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We take pride in developing and implementing creative, credible and fair public engagement programs that provide meaningful opportunities to solve problems and inspire action. We know how to get through the ‘noise’ with compelling content. And we excel at matching engagement techniques to target audiences, with a sensitivity to language and cultural differences. Our custom engagement strategies are based on our extensive knowledge of community needs, concerns and priorities in the Pacific Northwest.




Bringing people together around complex or controversial problems is an important part of how we support our clients. We are adept at holding respectful and productive conversations in a variety of settings (task forces, stakeholder meetings, public hearings, workshops, planning retreats, etc.). We can help with overall strategy (establishing a mission, guiding principles and facilitation plan) as well as provide tactical support (agenda-setting, recruitment, meeting facilitation, reporting, etc.).

Our Experience

We are passionate about supporting good public policy and positive change in the Pacific Northwest. We do this in partnership with amazing clients, strategic alliances and trusted colleagues who know how to make things happen.

Our clients include businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, and tribal, state and local governments. We have been involved in projects concerning infrastructure, health care, technology, science and culture, conservation, education, land use, energy, transportation, maritime, telecommunications and environmental issues.

Representative Client List

Our Leadership

Led by Vanessa Lund and Kris Faucett, Lund Faucett grew out of the successful public affairs company, Cocker Fennessy. Our firms maintain a close, strategic relationship.

Vanessa Lund

Vanessa Lund

Founder + Partner

Vanessa Lund

Founder + Partner

Vanessa is an expert research advisor and communicator with more than 20 years of experience in research and communications consulting with public agencies, municipalities, private businesses and nonprofits.

She uses her extensive experience in research, strategic communications and public engagement to provide insights that inform issue-framing, decision-making and public policy. Vanessa has worked for several national research firms and taught research methods at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Kristin Faucett

Kristin Faucett

Founder + Partner

Kristin Faucett

Founder + Partner

Kris utilizes over 25 years of public affairs and government relations experience and relationships to successfully advise, develop and manage high-profile and complex projects for public and private clients in the Pacific Northwest.

Kris manages the firm’s public education and engagement efforts, bringing creative strategies that produce credible and fair efforts that solve problems, shape policy and create change. Kris’ resume includes work at the Washington State Legislature and Seattle City Council and is a trained focus group facilitator.

Washington State Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises

Our Strategic Partners

Lund Faucett collaborates with trusted industry experts to provide clients with seamless, full-service communications, research and creative services. We leverage the strengths and experience of smart, savvy professionals depending on client needs to produce successful outcomes.

Bring us your challenge and we’ll give you a dream team with the expertise needed to solve it.

Cocker Fennessy

Lund Faucett grew out of the successful public affairs firm Cocker Fennessy and maintains a close working relationship with the firm. Kris and Vanessa continue to assist several Cocker Fennessy clients as subcontractors and Anne Fennessy serves as a strategic advisor to Lund Faucett.

True Blue Strategies

True Blue Strategies is a women-owned, full-service creative agency, expert at delivering innovative national, statewide and local campaigns that engage, inform, persuade and motivate action. True Blue and Lund Faucett partner to provide public affairs and creative support to major regional, state and national clients.

Lund Consulting

Navigating the complex processes required to successfully implement projects in the Pacific Northwest takes creative problem solving. Kjristine Lund’s project management, planning and facilitation expertise enhances our communications, research and engagement abilities providing clients with the tools they need to succeed.

Sunshine Communications

Delivering strategic and persuasive communications support, especially in times of crisis or change, is a specialty of Mary Kay Clunies-Ross. Sunshine regularly collaborates with Lund Faucett to gain media attention, develop and deliver communications plans, strategies and messages and produce compelling results.

Karen Reed Consulting

Lund Faucett utilizes Karen Reed when expert facilitation for task forces and multi-agency agreements is the task at hand. Karen provides overall project management, work plan development and facilitation from start to finish, with the Lund Faucett team handling communications and research expertise.

Mojo Strategies

Joy Johnston brings additional media relations, outreach and writing to the team, especially when working with municipalities within the region. Joy’s robust experience with jurisdictions, coupled with her strong writing and creative social media talents, wonderfully complements Lund Faucett’s strengths.

Parker Phillips

The Parker Phillips’ team are pros at assessing the feasibility and impacts of projects, entities and institutions and then packaging findings in clever and memorable stories. Lund Faucett and Parker Phillips are proven partners that achieve top-notch research and economic impact results for our clients.

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